05 April 2016

"Analogue Imperfections"

For a long time now, I´m holding this back, but now I have to say it! ;)
(Hopefully my english is sufficient to point out my thoughts)

The thing is, "analogue imperfection" overall is nothing but a wrong idea.
IMHO it´s not about imperfection. It´s about all those little details that don´t happen with clear/clean digital code.
Just think about how much code and cleverness is needed to rebuild that analogue sound.
If anyone wants to say, that all that stuff urs and the others do is nothing but dirt, then it would be enough to put some random attributes into the code of the osc/filters and voila, you would have analogue sound... also, this would be a slap into the face of the developer!

No, it´s not imperfection - it´s all those little details that add up to an interesting sound, many people love and call "analogue".

Here´s a metaphor to explain it:

Have a look at these pictures
-> https://home.otoy.com/wp-content/upload ... rian_1.jpg
-> https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ ... i_rome.jpg

And then have a look at these
-> https://home.otoy.com/wp-content/upload ... 2/1250.jpg
-> http://www.wallpaperhdf.com/wp-content/ ... lery-1.jpg

Which one represents digital and which one is analogue? I think it´s clear.
Both rooms are "clean"... there is no "dirt" or "imperfection".
The living room has it´s purpose as well as the clean op room.
The lobby as well as the vintage room.

The question is: What is the purpose?
If I need a clear, thin, primitive sound without any warming additions, a digital synth might be what I want to go for.
If I need a warm, thick, well shaped sound, then the analogue synth would be my decision.

There are just too many people out there who only want to hear that harsh, primitive sound of digital synths. Though, the purpose is clear: Head banging, in your face sound for all kinds of edm music.
It´s relatively easy and fast to do, plus people don´t need to get deeper into music theory or something.

And then there are others who seek for "life" in the sound... to me, these are all those little details happening in "analogue" sound. Again, it´s clearly not imperfections - it´s the details, that make the sound live.

And btw... that´s the reason why most people can´t explain, what "analogue" sound is.
Too many things happen in the background naturally. There´s no code, no maths... the sound is simply generated.
No one can tell what exactly/mathematically is going on in analogue synths. Each part affects the sound in it´s own way.
-> For example, think about how much effort u-he puts in understanding what happens when you switch on/off oscillators on a pro one. They need to find a way to recreate those things mathematically, so they can implement that into the code.

Here´s another example:
How many details can you find in the op or the living room?
Or which list of details would be longer - the one of the lobby/op or living/vintage room?
Which room has more personality/character?

Even if a lobby or an op absolutely has it´s purpose, I definitely wouldn´t want to spend all of my time there!

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